Countertop Fabrication Process

Metropolitan has its own countertop fabrication shop, located at our Norwood, Massachusetts headquarters. Equipped with the latest fabrication machinery, our shop is one of the most advanced stone facilities in New England. Our countertop fabrication process is professional, streamlined and collaborative with clients.

Our processes abide to the highest quality standards, consistently exceeding customers’ expectations. Metropolitan’s stone team consists of designers, customer service employees and the fabrication team, enabling us to guide clients through the entire fabrication process. Let us walk you through the 5 step process of stone countertop fabrication.

Step 1: Choosing the Stone Material

The first step in the countertop fabrication process is choosing the stone. At Metropolitan we have a large in-stock inventory of stone to choose from, which can be viewed in person at our stone showroom in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Clients can choose from variety of colors and materials, including quartz, granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone. Our inventory is constantly being updated to reflect current trends and consumer demands.

Our dedicated stone specialists walk each client through the stone showroom, explaining the different properties of each stone type and helping to determine which stone is best for each specific project.

Step 2: Getting the Countertop Measurements

Once the countertop material has been chosen, Metropolitan will schedule a stone countertop template at the project site. The template is an exact replica of the project’s surface. Metropolitan does templates for all of our stone projects, which include countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom tub surrounds and more.

At this on-site meeting, the templater can answer questions about the fabrication process, and will review details such as corner radius preference and seam placement.

Step 3: Countertop Layout

After the template has been made, clients come to our stone showroom in Norwood, MA to go over the layout with the Metropolitan stone team. At this meeting, clients are able to see exactly how the countertop will look. Metropolitan’s expert stone team goes over every detail during the layout and can answer any questions that arise. The team will also discuss the stone cutting process, and clients can even check out our fabrication shop! We make sure all details are covered so that there are no surprises at the job site.

Step 4: Stone Fabrication

Once the layout is approved, the stone is then put into production and the countertop fabrication begins. Metropolitan uses state-of-the-art machinery to cut each piece.

Our fully automated stone fabrication facility consists of the latest technology and computer-driven machinery, including:

CNC machinery – machine tool with computer number controlled for stone machining and accuracy

Saw/Water jets – a high-pressure waterjet cuts materials in a variety of thicknesses with extremely high precision

Bridge saws – this saw runs on a bridge or beam to ensure professional and quality cut

Slabsmith™ layout technology – this software produces digitized slabs that are highly accurate and detailed


All stone pieces are hand-finished and hand-polished in the shop for stunning final results.

Step 5: Stone Countertop Installation

Metropolitan has a team of professional installers who install each stone project. We do not sub out work. Our installers are continually praised by homeowners and trade partners for their expertise and thoughtfulness.

Our installation team is insured which is important to know. Installations can take up to several hours for a kitchen countertop installation, or a whole day for a project with several rooms.

So How Long Does it Take to Fabricate a Countertop?

The entire stone fabrication timeline will vary from project to project. It will be anywhere from 2-5 weeks. How busy the fabrication shop is and the level of difficulty of the project can impact the fabrication timing. At Metropolitan we strive to make the process as smooth as possible, therefore due to our level of thoroughness, we do not rush jobs.

What Does Metropolitan Fabricate?

Metropolitan fabricates stone for so many different spaces, including:

  • Kitchen countertops and full height backsplashes
  • Bathroom vanity countertops
  • Shower pieces, including jams, niches and thresholds
  • Bathtub surrounds
  • Fireplace surrounds

Ready to Start Your Countertop Project?

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