Can You Use Granite Countertops For Islands?

In short, yes… Metropolitan can help you can create an exceptional custom granite countertops for islands in your kitchen. Now you can go back to your home renovation videos or keep scrolling on Pinterest and to find your dream kitchen photos. 

But, if you want a little more detail on the natural stone, stick around and find out why we think that it’s a great and proven choice to use granite countertops for islands and more.  

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With so many options, why granite or islands and countertops?

The answer might surprise some…but granite countertops are part of the “green movement” that we are seeing growth in year over year. Granite will not only last your family a lifetime, but there are no extra chemicals, gasses, or radiation that can seep over the years. On top of that, as a countertop material, granite is known for its heat resistance properties. Meaning, you can place a hot pan on top of your countertop without the worry of scorching or blistering your investment. Making every food prep and cooking experience that much more enjoyable. 

They also can elevate a kitchen design visually when compared to other formats like laminate countertops, engineered stone, or butcher block. You can’t go wrong in your kitchen remodel with granite kitchen countertops as your finished product. 

How much does a granite island top cost?

Though granite isn’t your cheapest option, it is worthy of your attention because of its ability to last. 

According to the countertop cost guide on, you can expect to pay between $30-$60 a square foot. For some rarer and special slabs with unique variations, it could be a bit more. 

Again, this shouldn’t deter you as you can save on other areas of your kitchen theme if needed. There’s nothing quite as elegant in a designer style kitchen as granite. 

Can I build a kitchen island with granite top on wheels?

From time to time we get this question from clients that tend to have a smaller kitchen space but are still looking to use a granite counter top as the focal point of their kitchen. 

Though the length and width of the island surface area may shrink and the countertop depths may thin, it’s still a perfect addition, and when applied on a base attached to rolling casters, makes for exceptional custom countertop solutions! 

Can you handle my custom countertops?

At Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops we can handle (almost) any custom granite installation. As a leading granite counter supplier, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing granite in homes and businesses since 2003! There isn’t a challenge we haven’t overcome! 

We have an extensive library and showroom of high quality countertop options. Looking for a special feature? We can handle it! Want an overhang or a specific edge treatment for your countertop edges? No problem! Our design team and guide you through your advanced planning and our manufacturing team will stun you with their expert workmanship. 

Don’t leave your kitchen remodeling up to chance, let us help you build your dream kitchen. Contact us today and add more value to not only our home decor but your equity!