Cabinetry by Decorá

At Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops we’re honored to feature cabinetry by the Decora brand. Whether you’re looking for a one-off bathroom project or a full kitchen cabinet remodel, Decora cabinetry has all the quality and options your space deserves! 

What is the story behind Decorá cabinetry?

Decorá cabinetry is a division of Masterbrand Cabinets, their success has made them the second-largest cabinet manufacturer in North America. Hand made in Jasper Indiana, Decora cabinets offer the highest quality products since the German founders formed the town back in the 1800s. That knowledge and skill has been handed down to each subsequent generation and makes its way into every cabinet they make to this day. 

Founded nearly 30 years, Decora has been a staple in our showroom and a trusted cabinetry option for designers and homeowners who want style combined with quality. 

Decorá is continually adding more than just cabinets but also amenities to its product line so that the cabinetry will suit the way their customers live. From constantly expanding their products and keeping up to date with current style trends Decorá Cabinetry has thousands of product options for you to review.  

Decorá starts with the quality materials for your cabinet door

Nature offers different wood options and so does Decora when it comes to the cabinet hardwood you can choose to have in your home.

Decora cabinet construction starts with the best timber they can source including Alder, cherry, maple, oak, and even variations like rustic alder or quartersawn oak afford your kitchen or bathroom reliable, durable, and long-lasting storage solutions.

Featuring extensive cabinet door style options

With more than 50 different cabinet door options matched with 90 plus decorative options for the doors, you’ll have some many custom options to choose from, your kitchen cabinets and doors will be distinctively YOUR kitchen

Starting with one of their beautiful basic hardwoods, Decorá transforms their cabinets into eye-catching works of art! From slab, to arch to square, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with a Decora cabinet product.

Quality cabinetry finishes you'll love

Decorá has a color or finish for any custom kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Featuring over 200 different paint colors and stains, you’ll have endless options when picking the perfect cabinet finish for your custom installation!

From deep dark stains to bright and airy paints, you’ll be able to create stunning spaces for your life, or match the choices you’ve already designed! 

Keep in mind that most of the time kitchen cabinets need to be durable enough to hold up scratches, cooking oils, grease, spills, dings, dumps, kids, and pets.

Though a matte finish can have a warmer and more elegant style and feel in modern kitchens, a semi-gloss or gloss finish on your cabinets will keep the sheen and be more durable for your home’s kitchen in the long run. 

However, it’s all up to you and your style. With the construction quality and endless custom options, any Decora cabinet door finish you choose will be sure to outlast your needs! 

Love custom cabinet embellishments... Decorá cabinetry has you covered

Your home’s unique style shouldn’t be stifled, with a wide range of adornments and embellishments, Decora cabinets are sure to give you that custom match your stylish home is looking for. 

A long list of accents, corbels and brackets, legs, feet, moldings, and other specialties will be sure to cover any project or piece you have in mind.

If you’re looking towards a renovation just want to update the style of your kitchen space, be it something warm and inviting like a cottage or more modern and clean, Decora cabinets give you endless options!

Check out a custom Decora cabinet for yourself!

Contact us or stop by an open Metropolitan showroom and view the Decora products gallery or any of our other cabinet options today! 

No matter the space, your view, or what style is wanted, our design experts will be able to help you build the custom space you love and deserve. 

We’re here to help you sort the details and find the cabinetry solutions for any project. Our superior service, massive family of products, and wealth of ideas will help you build the custom kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Whether your planning for a new build or looking to do remodeling, Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops has you covered!