Going Green

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Metropolitan’s cabinet mill and countertop shop promote sustainability, recycling and the use of low VOC finishes and NAF plywood, with certification by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association and a participant in the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program. We are proud to be an ESP certified facility, exemplifying environmental stewardship in our industry and the community.

What it Means to be ESP Certified

Air Quality

This mandatory requirement ensures that a minimum 80% of particleboard, MDF, and plywood used in our cabinets meets or exceeds formaldehyde emission levels in accordance to the California Air Resource Compwood ATCM.

Product Resource Management

ESP certification ensures that 80% of all particleboard and MDF used by Metropolitan contains 100% recycled or recovered fiber content.

Process Resource Management

Metropolitan maintains a comprehensive recycling program, including water reuse, and documented energy conservation program.

KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

Since 2008, Metropolitan has participated in the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program which ensures that the products used in manufacturing conform to the industry’s highest standards. To date, Metropolitan is the only Massachusetts cabinet manufacturer accepted into the Environmental Stewardship Program.

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