5 Pro Kitchen Lighting Tips – #3 Recessed LED Lighting

Recessed LED Lighting

First, let’s talk about the benefits of recessed lights:

  • Excellent source of ambient light (i.e. overall illumination)
  • Sleek profile, since they don’t protrude from the ceiling (perfect for lower ceilings as well)
  • Smaller apertures available
  • Renovation-friendly—you can often install them from below the ceiling

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of LEDs:

  • Last longer than incandescent bulbs, CFLs, and most halogen bulbs – up to 25 times longer!
  • More efficient, up to 75% less energy, saving on energy costs
  • Don’t produce as much heat as regular incandescent or halogen bulbs
  • Offer much more versatility in design, thanks to small size and numerous color options

Marrying the two makes so much sense!

So what should you look for when choosing LED recessed lighting for your kitchen?

  • Pay attention to Kelvin temperature (K). A temperature of 2700K provides a warm light while 3000K provides a brighter, cooler light source.
  • Look at the Color Rendering Index (CRI). This indicates how well a light source renders color. A CRI of 90 is good for skin tones
  • Review the warranty. What does the warranty cover? Who is the manufacturer? How long is the warranty? (It should be at least five years.)
  • Confirm that the fixture is UL or ETL listed. Essentially, these certifications assure you that the bulb has gone through rigorous testing. Consider it a seal of approval.


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