Need to Know: Floating Vanities

Floating vanity inquiries are definitely on the rise and more and more customers are choosing this look for bathrooms. Floating a vanity off the floor instantly gives a room an open atmosphere by creating an illusion of added space. If you’re choosing a tile floor with a beautiful pattern, this also allows for more of the tile to be seen and can elongate a bathroom.



Here are 3 things you need to know when planning for a floating vanity.

  1. Wall Blocking
    • The installer/contractor will most likely have to open up the wall to add blocking for support. Stone countertops are very heavy, which is partly why blocking is so necessary and why we recommend blocking to be added at Metropolitan.
    • Ask the installer/contractor to limit the wall destruction so that it’s only behind the vanity, and not bigger than the cabinet dimensions, so additional plastering is not needed
  2. Plumbing 
    1. The location of the plumbing must come from the wall, not the floor
  3. Sizing
    1. Wall hung vanities come in three heights: 21″, 24″ and 27″. Most vanities are hung 34.5″ off the floor, and so if you have a 21″ tall vanity, it will be 13.5″ off the floor
    2. The height of the plumbing will determine the height of the vanity

custom floating vanity

inset bathroom vanity

custom bathroom vanity


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