What to Know About a Honed Finish

A honed finish is super chic and modern! It doesn’t have a shine and creates a more flat appearance than a polished finish.

Putting a honed finish on a stone will almost always make it appear lighter in color. When a polished stone is honed, the depth, hues, and veins that were once very prevalent are often muted and more subtle. This can make a space feel really ethereal and calming.

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Why we love a honed finish: Because honed finishes are already matte, the dull marks from scratches and etches are more likely to be camouflaged and masked than on a polished finish surface

One thing to be aware of with a honed finish: The pores in a honed stone are more receptive to liquid and therefore a honed finish could stain a little bit more easily than a polished surface.

We can hone stone at Metropolitan: We have the machinery to add a honed finish to natural stone in our Norwood, Massachusetts stone fabrication shop

Quartz comes in honed finishes: Some quartz brands offer colors with a honed matte finish

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